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           After obtaining the Acceptance from the desired University / Institution and getting the Visa approval from the concerned Immigration institution, students are almost through the entire procedure to travel to the desired destination of study. But usually there happens to be some complexities with respect to travel and after arrival at the destinations where they’re to spend few years for their studies to encounter.

Hence, My MBBS Abroad Team takes all necessary actions to ensure the students are well equipped and informed about the conditions in the host destination. We conduct a Pre Departure Briefing apart from assisting them with all amenities to be arranger before travel. For example, Forex assistance, Travel arrangements, Pick up, accommodation and food services at the host country, etc in order to ensure complete safety and comfort for the Future Doctors.

Pre Departure Briefing

           Post Visa Approval, a brief discussion is conducted with the Future Doctors to educate them on but not limited to lifestyle, climatic conditions, safety and precautionary measures along with the set of things to be carried (and not be) for use at the host country, etc.

The complete checklist of oral advises and documentary listing provided by our team ensures the Future Doctors leave India with complete insight into the conditions in the host destination.

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